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See what our clients are saying about UnTapped Genius….

“Our team of teachers received exemplary coaching which provided support and guidance in the area of ELA and writing instruction. By delivering targeted professional development sessions, conducting classroom observations, and engaging in one-on-one coaching sessions, UnTapped Genius coaches have empowered teachers with the necessary skills and strategies to enhance their instructional practices."

Diana Chavez, Principal, PSTEM Academy

“It was an honor to work with UnTapped Genius for the 2022–2023 school year at Anderson Academy. I learned a lot from the instructional consultants, as they were a great support to me, the teachers, and the campus leaders. They were always willing to go the extra mile to implement individual support plans for each teacher that she supported. They created plans that aligned with the campus vision, as well as making sure the team is well equipped to move the campus forward in areas of need. Thank you for all your hard work, Untapped Genius."

Billie Davis, District Literacy Coach

“The collaboration was very helpful. I learned different ways to implement small groups, tips on how to manage my classroom and how to use technology and other resources to improve student engagement."

Monica Humphery, Math Teacher, Smith Elementary

“I love the fact that consistency helps my students focus and grow!"

Valarie Richardson, Math Teacher, Anderson Academy

“This is my second year working with UnTapped Genius and I am so appreciative of not just the on the clock support that they provide, but the attention to detail in cultivating open communication as new "hotspots" in instruction emerge and their real-time shifting to address teacher needs."
“UnTapped Genius was a valuable support for our teachers and campus as a whole. UG was able to assist us with building teacher capacity and developing plans to ensure student growth. We are extremely appreciative of the ladies that worked on our campus. I don't know where we would have been without their support!"

Jennifer Allen, Assistant Principal

“My coach did an amazing job assisting me in becoming a more effective teacher. Her wealth of knowledge from past experiences allowed her to help me find my strengths as well as my weaknesses, and she made awesome suggestions that allowed me to make improvements along our journey. I truly value the time that she was my coach and I know that I am a better teacher because of her."

Trenell Toole, ELAR Teacher

“UG played a major role in the format of the CBPL's, communication to teachers, development of success criteria, and follow up of teacher implementation during walks and feedback. Their support to leadership ensured that our turn-around action plan was not only implemented, but completed."

Esperanza Jones-Valsin, Assistant Principal, Eckert Elementary

“I felt at ease knowing that Untapped Genius consultants were on our campus to support our campus. UG was a phenomenal asset to our campus and I could trust them to jump right in on any given occasion. My teachers received their feedback well due to the relationships developed through participation in CBPLS. They also made certain to touch base with me consistently."

Eunetra Simpson, Principal

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